Kyu P Designs Beak Model

The Beak is a wholly original log design that I've been slowly developing for a couple of decades. It is the first board we perfected for Kyu P Designs and will most likely remain our flagship model. The Beak is unique; it's fast and virtually frictionless. It nose rides like nothing else I've ever ridden. I never get bored riding the Beak. If you're willing to take that next step and hang in the hook, then the Beak is what you've been looking for. If you believe that nose riding is actually about riding the nose, not just touching it and throwing a pose, this is the board to get under your feet.

The Beak was designed to challenge the perception of what most believe is possible up the front. It was designed with the phrase beak boogie in mind. Everything about this board defies the mundane beliefs that have been thrust upon us over the years about what makes a good nose rider. Place this thing under the feet of those with vision, it can and does hold deep in the pocket. Long adjustable critical nose rides in fast sections suddenly become optional rather than nearly impossible. Yet the Beak still maintains good trim speed and is nice and loose for this genre of board.

There is a misguided belief that a good nose rider must be slow and hard to turn. But that belief is kind of silly when you come to realise that you need to be able to pivot and turn quickly to position yourself correctly for a good nose ride. The rocker is unique; you won't find it on any other board. This board has been custom designed starting with the blank. We became frustrated trying to achieve a result with the stock longboard rockers available. So we took the next most logical step and developed our own rocker in a blank for our own very specific reasons. Finally after much effort we got the rocker we were looking for.

The beak is the only nose rider log that I have ever ridden that is still fun and functional to ride when the waves are lumpy, bumpy, twisty and onshore. Bottom line, you don't need small classic clean point waves to have fun on this stick. All you need is the heart to hang on in the hook.

Put simply, the beak is a seriously good fun stick, but it is not for the faint hearted, it is fast and funky. If you're tired of boring old stretch fives out wide, if you really want to get into working on long funky critical nose rides. Then you're going to need a log that's funky and functional, and we reckon they don't come more funkin functional than the Beak.

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