Kyu P Designs Tail Feather

The Kyu P designs Tail Feather is a sweetly balanced design fusion in a fast and functional mid length stick. This is a board for those who really feel the need to reignite their surf stoke.

The Tail Feather utilises thoughtfully designed rails with a subtly chimed concave running into a release vee combination, ultimately producing a very fast and spirited board. The rails have been tweaked to carefully rise and drop where appropriate with the bottom curve and outline allowing for a flatter rocker without sacrificing functionality. The outline itself pulls to a more functional pivotal position than most mid lengths and the tail is designed for lively yet controlled turns.

The Tail Feather is a classic Tri Fin employing flex and rigidity where both properties really matter. This produces a smooth, fast and really lively mid length stick that has a beautiful mix of carve, drive and release where it counts.

Those who understand this style of board will find they can drive and carve The Tail Feather hard, release it quickly, or create a smooth mix of both with controlled drift. It just depends on how much pressure you apply and where you place your feet. You can really load this board up for full blown carves. Pivot it on the spot, or surf it from the middle smoothing it out all the way. You can trim quickly and smoothly to the next section in small waves, or pop stretch five tube rides or nose ride it if you're good enough. The bottom line here is pure unadulterated fun, and lots of it. Whether you're aiming to soul arch it off the bottom of an over head bowl and pull in. Whip it off the top at speed, or perhaps just looking for that super fun hot dogger feeling. The Tail Feather will most likely put a huge smile on your dial.

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