Kyu P Designs Fin Foils.

At Kyu P designs we take our fins very seriously, lame fins mean lame performance, you can ruin a great stick with a poorly foiled fin. That is why our fins are handmade and foiled by Larry Allison in the USA. Larry is as fussy about how fins work as we are, and we're not the only ones that know this. Donald Takyama, Bruce Jones, Robert August, Paul Gross and Greg Liddle also hire Larry to foil their fins.

Some of our fins are available in a choice of either Volan or Polyester layups, plus different foil ratios. Where appropriate, we aim to give you a choice. The differing compositions and foils have unique characteristics when being surfed.

10/90 foil:

These flex more readily. The 10/90 foil means the spine of the fin is condensed towards the leading edge. This gives the fin an S-Flex quality. These fins flex from side to side vertically. They also smoothly transition through the horizontal flex plain from the leading edge to the rear of the fin. This is called S-Flex, and it is strikingly beautiful to ride. This is a foil for those who love to turn tight and smooth at high speed. This foil is not for the inexperienced. It can be a bit daunting when heading for the nose if you're not super confident up the front. This foil does nose ride well, but you will sacrifice some stability for that insane increase in turning ability.

30/70 foil:

Same outline, different foil, and therefore different flex characteristics. This reduced flex characteristic with a 30/70 foil creates a wider spine with deeper rigidity throughout the base and vertical plane of the fin. The foil tapers to the back of the fin and out through the tip. The 30/70 foil creates a rigid based fin with a twangy flex out of the tip. This gives a more driven feeling to your board. Turns become longer with an increased sense of drive and speed. The tighter turning circle of the 10/90 foil is lost. But what you lose in turning circle you gain in trim speed, stability, drive, and most of all in nose riding. The 30/70 foil will make your stick feel as solid as a footpath up the front.

So which foil is for you? Well we use both. On long point breaks that call for long critical nose rides, we find the 30/70 tends to be the better choice, although 10/90 is valid and a lot of fun too. On beach breaks that require quicker cutbacks and turns, where nose ride sections are shorter, then the 10/90 reigns supreme. However if you are still looking to pull really critical nose rides you may prefer the 30/70 for its stability and drive. Bottom line, nobody can tell you what you'll like the most, 10/90 or 30/70 it really is a matter of taste. That is why, wherever it is appropriate we offer you a choice of both.

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