Kyu P Designs

logs – noseriders – mid lengths

Kyu P (pronounced Q-P) Designs was created in 2010 from the desire to have some seriously fun, funky and highly functional quality sticks under our feet.

At Kyu P Designs we focus on a minimum number of models that excel at specific characteristics. Specialist craft is what we do.

Our philosophy is simple. Life is just way too short to ride boring boards.

Our logs, noseriders, mid-lengths and fins, are designed with this philosophy in mind. We never dumb it down. We believe a surfboard should work well and inspire you to have fun and lift your game, no matter what your ability. It must tempt you to take your surfing to the next level. Our sticks invite you to take a chance and move into the realm of the inspired.

These surfboards are the natural result of a long term collaboration between Ben & Yoko Bennink of Longboard Clinic (LBC) and the highly skilled team at North Coast Surfboards (NCS). Ben brings more than forty years of experience into play to personally conceive all aspects of the Kyu P designs models. Then the craftsmen at NCS make the designs a reality.

NCS have decades of history manufacturing many ‘top end’ quality boards. Including Hawaiian Pro Designs (Donald Takayama), Vouch (Evan Squirrell / Paul Hutchinson) and Kyu P Designs (Ben & Yoko Bennink). NCS is situated in Byron Bay Australia.

All our Kyu P models are rigorously, passionately and obsessively surf tested. We do this religiously and repeatedly until we are utterly satisfied beyond any doubt, that each model is precisely what it was designed to be. Bottom line, we're super fussy about our Kyu-P’s. If we wouldn't be willing to surf them ourselves, then we certainly wouldn't suggest that you do.

These boards are available as custom orders from North Coast Surfboards Byron Bay Australia. Dealers' inquiries are always welcomed for consideration.

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