The Perch Fin

The Perch fin is a great fun pivot fin for pretty much any old school log, and it's a very handy optional extra for our Beak model board. This fin is designed with rock solid stability and nose riding in mind, and as such it's a fin that's best suited to smaller head high and under waves. It creates a lot of drive even in slow fat waves and has amazing hold up the front. Yet despite its extra wide base this fin pivots very quickly. It's no accident; we designed it that way, with less rake in the leading edge and a more upright profile leading into a reduced area tip. The Perch Fin allows solid tens and quick accurate directional adjustments.

Where this fin differs from a standard pivot fin is in the distribution of area. More area has been moved to the base while subtly narrowing it out through the tip at both the leading and trailing edge. This allows for tonnes of hold and drive, especially up the nose. Yet the reduced tip allows for extra quick and accurate pivot turns. This fin turns the already radical nose riding properties of our Beak model board into a solid as footpath freak. It's also a very welcome change to other boards that use standard pivot style fins.

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