Kyu P Designs Reviews.

Every now and again we ask someone who has ridden a Kyu P Designs board to write us a little review on how they felt our board worked for them.

Here's what a few crew have had to say about Kyu P Designs so far.


Christian Von Trzcinski:

'Ben has done a great job by designing this board (Kyu P Beak). It's the most versatile log I've ever had. Its ability to trim and nose ride are amazing, and I like how loose it feels and well it turns. It puts a smile on my face every time I take it out.'


Lars Laug:

'The beak model is a truly stable platform that can be used to run up and down on and play fun nasal tricks with. Then when planted on the tail it swings around in any direction with ease to get you into the pocket ready for your next dance! The most fun I have had on a log in a while….tooo much fun! Get one!'


Leroy Steven aka The Magic Rabbit:

'I find the Kyu P "Beak" Model to be quite a versatile board. It has volume and weight enough to trim and paddle with ease. I find the "Beak" Model stable and lovely to walk upon and setting the rail and tail for nose rides is not difficult. Once upon the nose the "Beak" Model carries through sections as long as I am committed enough to do so! Finally, the pinched rails and outline of the "Beak" model allow me to perform some long driving cutbacks and short snappy switch foot direction changes. If you like the feel of a traditional log in the water with a few functional modifications the new Kyu P "Beak" Model should be the board to get onto next.'


Etienne aka Ets:

'I was really keen to have a go on the board when I spoke to Ben and Yoko. It was so much fun to ride and super smooth. It reacted very well to what I wanted it to do and I got the best nose ride I have ever had! Thanks Ben and Yoko.