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At Kyu P Designs we don't make mass produced punters models, instead we prefer to offer you the exact same boards that we ride ourselves. Our experience has been that better boards inspire us to lift our game, and we believe these boards could similarly inspire you.

We design all our boards with a few underlying common traits. For us they must be fun, funky, as close to frictionless as possible without sacrificing functional surf-ability, and they must be fast. Yet as we create each new Kyu P model, we also build in its own specific characteristics to lift each board into the realm of the inspired.

The Beak: from 9' to 9'8".

A highly advanced nose rider/hot dog log. The Beak just begs you to pull really long critical nose rides. This stick is designed for those who dig edgeless pinched rail logs. For those who understand the concept, this board will hold the nose long and deep in critical sections. If you see fast, steep sections as nose ride heaven. If you believe that nose riding is actually about riding on the nose, not just touching it long enough to pose. If you like to push the limits up the beak, this is the board to get under your feet.

The Tail Feather: from 6'4" to 7'10".

An extremely fast, fun, funky and highly functional tri fin mid-length, this board is just a hoot to ride. The Tail Feather employs the use of finely rolled rails up the nose that pull down to a very lively and fiery square tail. This is blended with a carefully balanced chime and concaves to produce a super fast loose and fun stick that really doesn't need perfect waves to work. In the possession of those who understand this genre of board. The Tail Feather happily handles sizeable lumpy twisting beach and reef breaks as easily as it does clean point breaks. This board is a very quick and smooth carver with considerable drive and controlled release under the feet of those who can handle such traits. The surprise is that it can still be ridden on the tip. It's easy to imagine yourself pulling stretch fives through a bowl section then stepping down the tail, and just letting the whole thing wail.

More Kyu P Designs models are currently finishing the R&D phase and will most likely be made available during 2012.

Check The Beak Model   Check The Tail Feather Model

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