Who is Behind Kyu P Designs?

Kyu P Designs is owned and produced by Ben & Yoko Bennink of Longboard Clinic Pty Ltd.

Our boards are a collaborative effort between Kyu P Designs and North Coast Surfboards.

A little about Ben: A surfer of over five decades experience, and a long time rider and test pilot for several name shapers over the last three decades. Ben has a reputation of being a bit of a straight shooting, occasionally annoying salt encrusted kind of bloke. He has a healthy disdain for nasty behaviour, deliberate acts of stupidity and deception, especially in the surf industry. Ben has a major passion, or as some would say, complete obsession, for having really good surfboards under his feet. This obsession has earned him the reputation of being a painfully difficult person to shape for as he is extremely fussy about how his sticks surf. He has surfed pretty much everything that you can stand, kneel or lay on (provided it doesn't use a paddle, hydrofoil, or motor). He also trained the lovely Yoko as a log rider.

Oh Yeah, Ben also happens to be the bloke that conceived the designs, functionality, outlines, curves, rockers, fins, in fact every physical aspect of the Kyu P Designs boards.

A little about Yoko: An accomplished log rider in her own right. She made the big switch from body boards to logs reasonably late in her surfing life with a little nudge from Ben. She has been Ben's partner, best friend and surfing buddy for over ten years now. Yoko is also the designer of the Kyu P logo, stickers and apparel. She sources and chooses the fabric inlays for the boards and chooses the colours to match.

Paul Hutchison aka Hutcho.

Hutcho is the shaper that makes these designs become reality. He is one of the very few shapers on this planet that Ben & Yoko trust with this task. Ben exclaims that 'working with Hutcho has been nothing short of a delight. Watching my designs coming to life and appearing exactly as I have envisaged them, through his skilled hands, has been an absolute joy. Hutcho also shapes boards for Hawaiian Pro Designs, and Vouch. We feel our designs are safe in his hands.'

Tony & Evan Squirrell aka North Coast Surfboards.

The Squirrels are the guys charged with the sacred task of manufacturing these beautiful boards. Kyu P Designs is a collaborative effort with North Coast Surfboards. They are manufactured under the extremely strict and watchful eyes of Tony and Evan right here in Byron Bay. Eventually, they end up in the showroom and ultimately under ours and your feet. Tony and Evan are famous for their love of extremely high quality boards. They currently manufacture boards for. Donald Takayama's Hawaiian Pro designs, Vouch, Kyu P designs and a host of others.